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[info]somanyfeels [17 Apr 2013|11:40am]

Original application.
• 5 years later, Scorpius is currently 21. He has not changed much; on the whole, he remains stubbornly almost exactly the same as he always was.
• He was Head Boy in his seventh year at Hogwarts (opposite one Sidney Savage), to his parents' pride and his own satisfaction. He passed his NEWTs with flying colors as was expected of him.
• After having a crisis about whether to go into the Department of International Magical Cooperation, like his father, or the Department of Mysteries, like his mother, Scorpius chose the latter. He is currently an Unspeakable, and yes he works with his mother. Not only that, but he's been partnered for years now with Sidney. Apparently they work well together.
• Currently lives with Albus Potter, although sometimes he thinks he has forgotten why.

19. back to work [20 May 2012|09:11pm]
Can we stop talking about Quidditch and start talking about how exams are coming up

Less than one month left.

I hardly saw you yesterday-- but you were surrounded by family members all day. Tea tonight to celebrate your birthday a little bit late?

How are you?

18. khsdflksdfksdf (candy plot) [23 Apr 2012|10:10pm]
What is the homework for Charms? I do not remember it.

Has anybody seen my favorite quill?

Or my shirt?

I seem to have lost it. How did I lose my shirt?

Which way is the Slytherin common room, again? And the password

17. the definition of spring break. [25 Mar 2012|09:44pm]
[Scribbled in the wrong notebook.]

Whoever makes it, tells it not.
Whoever takes it, knows it not.
Whoever knows it, wants it not.

16. oh the times, they are a-changin. [07 Mar 2012|11:47pm]
Is this what luck feels like, then? I always wondered what was missing from my life.

15. parlami d'amore. [16 Feb 2012|12:43am]
[After this and this.]

What if I just withdrew from this school
Who even needs a degree anyway, my father's year
I think I'm going to hide in the library and never come out

I do not want to talk about it.

14. se mi innamorassi davvero, saresti solo tu. [29 Jan 2012|11:57pm]

Al. Look at this.

[pasted in is a freshly arrived letter from Astoria Malfoy.]
Scorpius, darling,

How are you doing? I hope things are looking up for you this term. You were excessively quiet this past winter at home and seemed very reluctant to leave us; your father even noticed, oblivious to these things as he typically is, and asked me if I knew what was wrong. Of course, you deserve your privacy, but we're always here for you.

And your friends? Send my dearest. You know I'm quite fond of Albus, despite your father's-- well-- in any case. I baked brownies for the department the other day because it was someone's birthday, and had some extras (it turns out most Unspeakables aren't so big on such vices, imagine), so I sent them along for you to give to him. I know that you dislike them because they're so messy to eat.

What about that charming friend of yours, Sidney? I quite liked her. I can't believe you never mentioned her before to me, Scorpius. You keep such a small, tight circle of friends I think I've met all of them. She's clearly cuttingly intelligent and confident, reminiscent of myself as a youngster, really-- oh, Scorpius, have you not told me because you're dating her and you're shy? Is that it? Please tell me that's it. I won't be upset, I promise. She is lovely, very pretty in a quaint way, besides being intelligent, and I approve-- would approve-- heartily. As your dutiful mother I have been waiting for the day that you decide romance is worth your time.

Now I must know. Write me back soon. And do take care.


I don't even have any words. What is my life. Admittedly she is ve

And I swear, Albus, if you comment on the fact that my mother sent you brownies instead of the clear issue here-- just.

13. "last friday night..." or something like that. [07 Jan 2012|12:21am]
So. To anyone with whom I conversed on the train, I apologise if I was grumpy-- or at least, moreso than usual. I also apologise for my terrible handwriting and the things I may or may not have said the night before. You lot know I generally don't turn to drink, but it had been a rough evening. Although with this sex ed thing, I'm worried that it might start happening more often

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